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SOLD - 1932 Auburn Lycoming Engine NOS cooling system side cover for sale


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Hello All. I came across a cooling system side cover that fits a 1932 Auburn Lycoming engine while going through thousands of my late grandfather's parts.

This looks like an NOS piece. Please see the photos. I also imagine that this fits a few other years rather than just 1932. I included a photo of a 1932 Auburn engine as well for reference. The gasket is all together but rough.

I would love to know the correct name of the part. Is it a cooling inlet cover?

Please let me know if you are interested in it. It is for sale.

Thank you,






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Good question. I am open to offers. Am thinking of around a few hundred and hope this group can agree what a fair price would be.

This piece is outside of my knowledge and books of carbs, mags, starters and ignition.


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Hi. You can email me at moesleb@hotmail.com and we can exchange phone numbers and other information. Helps to ease forum traffic and protect information. Or you can message me within the forum message system.

I attached another photo showing some rust on the hose end. I pinched the ends and the metal is firm. I want you to know what you are getting.

I will get it packaged and weighed Tuesday and get shipping costs and options for you.

We can discuss payment options and agree to costs via email or phone, whatever you are comfortable with. Let me know what else you may need.

Thanks and have a good evening.



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