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Automotive Legislation: Too Important to ignore!


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2 hours ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:



Peter, with all due respect is this the official position of the AACA?  I ask because as a long time member I  would be surprised and more than somewhat dissapointed if that is the case.  I hope the club doesn't walk away from legislative issues even if they become contentious. 

Not saying I disagree with a no politics policy but I do think the forum and club should not only be open to, but encourage legislative updates of any kind that could directly impact our hobby. 

You put out a warning & moved it.  Fair enough, but it seems Ironic that the only comments here that could be construed as an "attack" (on one's understanding of the issue) seem to come from folks who either would dismiss it (as they certainly can) or seem irritated about the post.  


The topic has a link in the general forum but is now in its rightful forum.  Best of both worlds. 

I have no issue with contentious.  Plenty of that here. But when people pick political sides over an issue then I must enforce the forum rules.  Keywords like “gun control” and “brexit” and  “complete fools with degrees” foreshadows the topic getting hijacked and political.

I didn’t shut down this topic.  I said it’s teetering on the edge. 

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Understood, and I get moderation is a challenging role.  My issue is relying on an outside organization, (good as SEMA is) is not the answer.  Partnering sure, but not delegating.  Obviously making a point as I don't expect you to carry that, that is why we have a BOD, exec. Director, etc.  AACA should at least put this on the radar.  Checking in w/a BOD member offline to share that opinion.

Time will tell if this issue is an iminent threat or not and many might choose to ignore it, but many here appreciate the heads up.  Thanks for handling this as you have.


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16 hours ago, Rusty Heaps said:

“You will own nothing and be happy.” Sounds Orwellian to me. 

Doesn't that sound somewhat like the philosophy our Native Americans had about the land they lived on?   Maybe what goes around, comes around.   I hope we don't suffer the same fate.



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On 12/27/2021 at 9:54 PM, oldcarfudd said:

I think it would be easier to ban guns in this country than to ban cars.

Don't kid yourself, they (politicians) can ban guns or cars anytime they want to without really banning them. Like taxing bullets' at $10K each. How many would you buy? Or, the same way with cars for private use.

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