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64' Riviera Grill w/headlights and 65' Hideaways?


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Is it possible to use 65 fenders with the Hideaways and keep the 64 Grill with the headlights? I recently got a Bronze 64 Riviera that someone obviously bought new as a strictly muscle car. Tag on the Original ST400 says it was only avaliable with a 425 Dual 4bbrl

and confirmed by bill of sale from 86' it listed a blown up motor that read 465 on the air cleaner. Someone put a bored out 401-413 in it, it smoked really bad had a hole in a piston. My father bought it in the late 80s and put a 401 out of a 66' Electra in it. He didnt know at the time that the 66 Electra also had the Better ST400 with the Variable Pitch torque convertor. Thankfully he kept it, I plan on rebuilding it and putting it in the 64 Riv now. As I said this looks like it was bought as a straight hotrod for someone in 64. Factory no Air Con (Dash has no ports for the Air, slider for air vents is blanked) roll up windows, no power seat, and the Super Wildcat option. It was pretty banged up in the rear drivers side quarter panel guy hit a telephone pole in a skid. I found a donor 65 that was in a flood, and would love to know what I could possibly do with the front clip from it?

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