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Hagerty - 11 Coolest Air Cleaners


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While I think the SWAC should have been #1 not just from aesthetics but also its technology for the time period ,which incidentally made it impractical for mass production....IMO of course.

At least it made the list

According to you: 11 cool air cleaners to spruce up your engine bay - Hagerty Media

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It is number 1 for sure and as the write up says, “Here are the top 11-ish responses, in no particular order.”


Looks like the 67 Buick currently has the most likes by far:



It also says it is a rare treat to see in person, so I am thinking about opening a side show and charging $5 per peep of the Death Star destroyer!

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Mmph. 80s dual snorkels made it, but not Buick chrome dual-quads, Olds W-car chrome and flapper OAIs and Climatic Combustion Control (similar to Star Wars) aircleaners, Pontiac chrome louvered 4-barrel, or TRUE GM Batwings like were on mid-50s Cadillacs, Olds J2 and even Chevrolet dual-quads.


Methinks Hagerty is slipping.🤔

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