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1957 Chrysler 392 Hemi Motor


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This engine shows to have originally been in an Imperial and I doubt that any Imperials came with manual transmissions.

It is odd that I have a core motor that has the same bellhousing and flywheel on it. It also has the clutch plate and cover.

Mine still has its "Imperial" valve covers.

The story I got was that it was in a dump truck.

I suspect yours has a similar story.

I wish yours was closer.

I wouldn't mind having those exhaust manifolds. Or the whole thing for that matter, but shipping......

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On 12/27/2021 at 9:21 AM, c49er said:

That bell housing is DT.

Most likely a truck 5 speed housing.

I can't zoom in tight enough to read the casting number.

But yes, Dodge truck shows several bellhousings in Leos hand book.

I know that Dodge made more flathead six trucks than V8s, This ID booklet specializes in V8s

So there are undoubtably more Dodge bellhousings than just the ones that are listed with the V8 stuff in this book.

If anybody can read that casting number, I could narrow it down.


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#1568300 = Dodge truck R, T, and V series Late 1955-1956.

R is 1.5 ton, T and V are 2 ton.

If I am reading this correctly it would have originally been on a 259 or a 270 engine in the 1.5 ton and the 2 ton would have been 259 or 331 cid.


All of the first gen Hemi's  (after the extended bell) (Dodge, Desoto and Chrysler) bellhousing and crankshaft patterns are the same. So would indeed fit up to the 392.

Non Hemi V8 crankshaft patterns are different.


I would buy this pile from you if you know of anyone that would bring it to me for free. Near Portland OR.


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