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Auto Transporter Reccommendation from Portland OR to Denver CO


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28 minutes ago, tsimone98 said:

Hi All,


I just bought a 67 Chevelle from a buddy near Portland and need to have it shipped to me in Colorado.

Anyone have any referrals?  Thanks in advance !

Not the right time of the year to transport along that route due to winter driving conditions.


If you insist on moving that this time of the year - make sure who you hire has insurance.




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I bought a car out of Portland in September.  Passport and Reliable are the only large carriers out of the Upper Northwest.  I went with Jeff  with four corners transport.   I requested closed carrier with lift gate.  3100 miles to Bradenton Florida.  Maybe I got lucky but car was picked up the next day.  Very professional drivers. Truck left on Thursday and had car here the following Thursday and best part was cost was $1975.  Used them out of LA area a few years ago and also great service. Fully Insured!

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On 2/13/2022 at 1:18 AM, tsimone98 said:

I tried Roadrunner.   Truly awful.  Scheduled carrier.  Never picked up.  I luckily got out unscathed.

Decided to fly up at beginning of April and road trip it back.  Not ideal, but should be an adventure.  Thanks all for the info !

I get calls from Sellers - Buyers  - Folks Moving …


I advise them what I would do if I were in their situation which usually doesn’t involve my services …


If you choose to buy or move a vehicle at a distance from you  - the best thing thing to do is get it yourself.


Drive out with someone - drive the vehicle home with them following you …




Fly out & drive the vehicle home …




Drive out with a tow vehicle & trailer

snd pick it up yourself …


Put your money in your vehicle.

Not In someone else’s pocket.


Folks will call and tell me they 

“ have to get their vehicle right away “.


If you choose to buy a vehicle or 

move a vehicle in Winter …

Sometimes the season and the driving

conditions won’t allow for that

to safely happen.









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