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nice little red MGA!

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One of the best looking MG body styles. "Original unmodified" but it's been repainted...you know the type of auction. Only a day left to bid. About 8600, but I don't know if there's a reserve and if so if it's been met. Hard to know what the seller's expectations are. If they're wanting 20k they'll never get it.

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Running but rough. Even at $ 8800 I think the buyer is going to be somewhat disappointed when they see it in real life. The one I bought in September was bought for slightly less than this several years ago on ebay. Buyer then spent a bunch of money on fixing things, some new repro cosmetic items and took it partially apart once he decided the engine was too tired to live with. His life changed enough the car sat like this for the last 3 years and then he had to move. I ended up with it for about 35 Cents on the dollar. It needs paint , the engine overhaul completed and re assembly, but I would say a better car overall { very rust free } . By the time It is done I will probably have 10 G 's in it , but it will be a nice one.

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I have only owned one T series, a early MGB swapped TF . Done way back , probably mid 1960's. But I drove a number of them back in my shop mechanic days. I always thought TD's, TF's and MGA's all drove roughly the same around town. But out on the open road I prefer the MGA. They all need disc brakes { easy change if you end up with a 1500 } And I always swap in a early MGB 1800. It's a direct bolt in to any MGA. They are getting harder to find but still turn up from time to time. I have 3 of them so that should be enough for me. The MGA has a usefully larger cockpit than a T series car if you are on the tall side like I am. My wife has to use pillows underneath and behind her to get a reasonable seating position.


I really like the steering wheel on the red ebay car. I wonder if it is the rare, optional competition wheel ? It is not I wheel I recall seeing in the past.

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