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36 Terraplane Pickup found have questions

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Hello All,


I found a complete 36 terraplane pickup. Its been sitting for years outside. Looks solid not a spec of paint left on it. Glass is bad but there. It has the standard doors non suicide. Are these valuable? I am trying to get them to sell it to me but not sure what it would be worth now and after restoration. Any ideas? I seen one in somewhat of a primer state was form ore than 10K. Got any pics of trucks that sold? 



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A photo or two would be helpful.  If it's been outside for years, there won't be much left to restore.  You said, "standard doors non suicide".  If it's a 1936, it will have "suicide" doors (i.e. handles at the front, hinges at the rear).  Here is a 1936 pickup:




Here is a 1937 pickup:






Completely different cars, hardly a part interchanges.  I have no idea what a rusty one would sell for.  See if you can find some auction results; otherwise all you have is the asking price.

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