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Packard Dealership Building - Philadelphia

Walt G

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I have collected an assortment of examples of automotive paper history. Some years ago at Hershey ( probably at least 15 - 20 ) there was a fellow there that had a pile of letters etc factory bulletins etc from the Philadelphia Packard dealer that he found while clearing out a building that was to be demolished. I bought the pile of paperwork . It is the kind of stuff that was tossed out as it wasn't a big pretty sales catalog that often was saved . The information and illustrations in the letters for the most part were never used in other factory sales promotions.
I like illustrated letterheads and have a fair number of those too that mention the coach builder or car manufacturer as well. All neat stuff that as mentioned was usually tossed away.

Enjoy- this will be my last contribution for a while , have lots to catch up on here , I commit to help out to many people.....................

Here is one for NY too!



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The Packard building in NY City is gone, they widened the road ( it was just west of Central Park) and took the building down.

There are still a number of automobile related buildings ( first occupied by an automotive firm/showroom/dealership) in NY that are pretty much unaltered.

The buildings that Hispano Suiza used and Rollston /Rollson coach builders are pretty much unaltered except for more efficient windows. R-R sales buildings in assorted locations are still there as well . Most of the service garages for the car dealers of the WWI to 1930s era were on the west side of NY City ( Manhattan) just west of 11th Avenue.

My plan is to still give a walking tour of Manhattan buildings that have automotive "roots" when they first opened.

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Very cool, Walt G!   Have a good break from the forum, too.


My '34 was sold by a Philadelphia-area dealer, but on the Main Line rather than in the city. My '35 was sold new by the second dealer you reference, the Packard Motor Car Company of New York. 









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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to Packard Dealership Building - Philadelphia

Thanks, Now I know what dealership my dad graduated from in the 1950's.😁

I can't repost due to copyright but Temple has photos of the building and drawings shortly after they purchased in 1946 at https://digital.library.temple.edu/digital/collection ...just enter search terms in the box at top.

I can confirm the subway is still useable as noted on Walt's card as of two years ago. I would say the next one north is, err, a bit challenging in many ways....

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8 minutes ago, 1937hd45 said:

Sounds like fun will it start at Smith & Wesson

Nah, NY City isn't the way it was at a point many years ago. Most of the dealerships are midtown - 57th St, Broadway, not to far from where the people that could afford to buy cars lived in luxury apartments, mainly upper west side too , as mentioned 11th Ave on the west side was all the service garages, Rollston Coach builders etc.

Thank you Peter for the current view of the Philadelphia Packard dealership building.



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