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Multiple carburetor setups and air cleaners


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I am in the process of picturing and listing all of our multiple carburetor setups as well as factory multi-carb air cleaners.


All of the air cleaners are now listed.


A few of the manifold/carburetor setups are listed (this takes time)


Please note from the link that NONE of these will be shipped, pick-up in Eldon Missouri only!




We shipped a 1964 Pontiac tripower with factory air cleaner from Missouri to Chicago last year. For what the carrier charged us, I can easily drive to either coast and back; and shipping IS distance sensitive. No exceptions.


Please also note pricing and orders will be done via telephone only. I do not want multiple individuals thinking they placed an order for the same item when I have only one, and then grousing on the 'net. Again, no exceptions.




Multiple carburetor manifolds, carb, and air cleaners



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