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FS: Stromberg BXV-3 carb model 3-54-A ('39-'41 Dodge ?)

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I have a Stromberg BXV-3 carb that needs a new home.  I bought it for a project, didn't realize the Size 3 carb didn't fit.  I don't think the carb is NOS but may have had a good rebuild with fresh plating, then never used.  The number stamped on the float chamber cover is 3-54-A.  Throttle bore is 1-1/2", bolt spacing is 2-7/8".  I haven't figured out how to measure the venturi size.  There is a 5/16" diameter hole in the float chamber cover which I assume was there for a feed to a gasoline car heater, should be plugged.  Price is $50 plus $17 shipping via USPS flat rate box. 


I believe this is the correct carb for a 1939-41 Dodge, maybe other Chrysler products of the period, based on the stamped number and linkage.



Side 1 showing fuel inlet and vacuum port.



Side 2, BXV-3 on cast iron base.



Float chamber showing model number stamping and 5/16" hole in cover.



Top view



Bottom view, 1.5" dia. bore.



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