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1953 Buick Skylark Parts Wanted Plus Questions About The Car


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Hello All:  I recently acquired a 1953 Buick Skylark that was modified in 1959 into a California Custom.  I am on the fence as to whether to keep it as is or revert it back to an original car.  As it is...the car had 1958 Cadillac rear fins welded onto the rear and 1958 Lincoln headlights cut into and welded onto the front fenders.  The top bows are missing.  Does anyone know what front fenders I can use to replace the altered fronts (will any 1953 work size wise) and does anyone have them and know of or have top bows for sale?  I will also need the glass for the windshield.  By the way...the car was featured in several custom car magazines back in the day in the modified condition (including magazine covers).  All help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Brian. 530-723-2145.

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Post pictures and I'll tell you what to do.


If it is attractive as is and has real magazine history I'm probably going to tell you to leave it alone.   If you want a stock car there are a dozen 53's available right now.   Sell that one and buy someone else's sunk costs.

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