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How do I check generator output?


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On a 1957 Buick 364?    

There were at least two different generators available, the standard and the high output for AC equipped cars.

 I picked up a rebuilt generator and I need to determine the output.  Currently not mounted in the car.   Actually it’s at work so I can’t even look to see if there’s a tag that tells you.   

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Just got out my 1958 Delco-Remy reference book.  
For 1957 Buick All Models it shows generator 1102066 was the original and a “new” generator 1102081 was also available.  There is no mention of a different generator number for A/C equipped cars in 1957.  For 1956 there was a separate generator for A/C cars.


Voltage regulator for 1957 is Delco-Remy part number 1119168.



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Angelfish,  to find out the output  of the generator it is necessary to install it on something ,a car  or some object to spin it fast. Hook up a ground wire from the body to the ground post of the battery.  From the "BAT" terminal  on the generator hook up a wire to the other battery post. Spin the hell hell of the generator. The Voltmeter should read about 8 volts  or more. During the process  while spinning,  ground the field wire to the battery hot side.The  amps will shoot up. DO NOT HOLD FOR MORE THAN A FEW SECONDS . On installations on the car the output will depend on the battery requirement but will be regulated by the voltage regulator. . As voltage goes up Amps comes down when hooked up to battery. When a battery is fully charged the ampmeter will  read zero but the voltage will read the output rated on the label, or close. A HALF  charge  BATTERY FOR THIS TEST WORKS BEST.

If the amps is constantly high while the volts is at max  then there is a problem somewhere causing the field coil to ground. Most likely the problem could be in the current regulator  or internal field ground. If not taken care of the generator will burn out.

I think what you are looking for is a high amp output  and not volt output . That may be achieved by properly adjusting  the volt/ amp regulator at certain engine speeds.

If you think you want higher output at lower R P M then it is necessary to replace the field coil.

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