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i picked up some leather wipes at goodwill


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We believe the seat facings are "leather" and the sides of the seats and door panels are all some version of plastic.  Some say the 1988 seats were all leather. 

There was just an editorial in Old Cars talking about what is called leather and the car manufacturers have come up with some innovative names for leather substitutes that lead you to believe you have leather. 

The next time you are in a pick-n-pull do a little experimenting,   look at Cadillacs, Lincolns and anything else you think is leather.   If the seats are in poor condition, take you knife and slit the leather then look at the cross

section.   You will not find leather that looks like a ball glove (that was used on cars in the '50 and earlier)  today there is a very thin slice of what may be leather bonded to a backing.

To answer you question......just wipe down the entire seat and door panels,    

The next question ..... what do owners use for their plastic parts?   There are many companies making products that claim to protect and restore plastic.   Armoral was the major player in the beginning.

I have had people tell me that 303 is their choice...it was originally sold as a vinyl product for boats.   Supposedly more UV protection.  Recently 303 is showing up in auto parts stores and discount places. 

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I used 303 for 11 years on the vinyl roof of my use-to-own '92 Riviera.  It did keep the UV rays from fading out the midnight blue vinyl color.  Really good stuff.

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