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For Sale: 1964 Thunderbird Convertible - Coral & Black "Stunner" - "Excellent condition" - Franklin, TN - Not Mine - 12/23 Reduced

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For sale on Craigslist: 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible in Franklin, TN  -  $47,500  -  Call Chris:  615 499 03 eight zero


Link: https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/franklin-1964-ford-thunderbird/7419195837.html


On 12/23, Seller reduced price on the Craigslist ad to $37,500


Also listed on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/654657278885291/1964-Ford-Thunderbird-Convertible


Seller's Description:

1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

  • condition: excellent
  • cylinders: 8 cylinders
  • transmission: automatic
  • odometer: 57,776
  • title status: clean

Please take a look at this stunner of a '64 Tbird Convertible that has been highly restored.

  • Coral over Black Vinyl Interior with black Hartz soft top.
  • OPTIONS: PS, PB, PW, Tilt-away Column, Power Top, Power Antenna, Factory AC, Automatic Transmission.

EXTERIOR: This car has been professionally disassembled and painted 4 years ago to Coral pastel in 2-stage base clear that is a strong 9 out of 10 for its quality. The panel fit/finish are nearly flawless on this nicely restored example. All trim is present and undamaged. The soft top is like new with no stains or wrinkles. The clear plastic back window is like new. Wheel Cover do not have any curb-scrape evident. No stone chips in the windshield or paint finish. Tires are like new with a correct-style whitewall tire. At first glance the color seems off-putting, but on close inspection is clearly well done with little no no flaws evident. No parts were "masked" and everything was properly removed for a very high end finish.
Power top has been upgraded to the modern electronic setup----no more suspect relay failures etc. Top goes up quickly and operates as it should. No unusual sounds or groans etc. I should note a nice bonus with this electronic setup is a remote switch at bottom of the back seatbase that allows emergency operation of top if needed.

INTERIOR: Black Bucket Seat vinyl interior in great original condition. The Woodgrain on the doors and dash are beautiful and in great shape. Carpet is not soiled and has no signs of wear. Back seat is in great condition with no fade or wear evident. Dash instruments are clear and everything works as it should except for the clock. Of course the CLOCK lol
Factory AC comes on as it should and blows cold.
All bulbs inside work and are refreshingly vivid/bright.

MECHANICAL: V8 Engine starts easily and has expectant good power. Trans shifts thru all detents as it should with no surprises. Fluids are all full, and no signs of any leaks are observed. AC works and blows cold.

OPINION: For those who may recall, I sold a club members '64 Tbird 2 years ago and for as nice as it was, it was nowhere near as nicely done as this '64 is. The color is striking in person. The top works beautifully/reliably and the car has a better stance. It rides straight/true and I can only imagine how nice it must be on a war summer's day. This is not a concourse restored car, but its VERY well done for its merits that I am content to let the buyer decide.
Feel free to come see/drive/purchase it.
Owner is a life-long Tbird collector and has a '56 Tbird that IS Concourse Quality. Only age and slower times precipitate this reluctant sale. Its a hard one to beat.

  • Located in Franklin, TN-----Please call Chris for inspection/purchase: 615.499.038  -  $47,500.00 obo

PS: Incidentally that other fine '64 Conv. sold to France for $39k US and wasn't as nicely done as this is for its attention to detail.















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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible - Coral & Black "Stunner" - "Excellent condition" - Franklin, TN - Not Mine

Many cars that advertise as coral really look pink. This one sure looks nice IMO with a true shade of coral. I don't know if 47.5K is a fair price as there are so many '64 T-Birds out there. This is a very sharp car, but I agree that for this price the seats should have been redone. The ad states that it is an eight cylinder, but is it a 390, or were they still offering the 352 as a base engine option?

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8 hours ago, ford40 said:

Nice looking t bird but for that price you can get a car that will hold is value and appreciate

and For that price the seats should have been redone

In my opinion for what little that's worth the asking price is way too high unless your investing in a tax right off. 




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The "modern electronic setup" for the convertible top sounds interesting-I've never heard of any sort of conversion for the troublesome top relays in either the Thunderbird, or the Lincoln Continental-or, for that matter, the 50's Ford retractibles . But it certainly sounds long overdue if it is a fix for these.. 

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Love the car and the color is coral.


The T-birds don't bring money I guess no one wants them.  There's a lot of cars that are in forty thousand range that more popular than this T-bird.


I wish the seller well with the sale. Never say never, but 47 grand is quite a chunk of change for this T-bird!

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Pretty car. The exact name for the color is "Samoan Coral".  In 1964 medium metallic colors occupied most of the pallet.  FoMoCo made an attempt at variety by offering a turquoise and coral shade from the mid 1950s. The turquoise was "Peacock Blue" a replay name from 1956. 

 Mercury used the same coral shade and called it "Bittersweet" also a replay of a color name from 1956.


Not really pink, not really orange, but when paired with a black interior this combination can make one think of Halloween.

When paired with a white interior it is a very stand out combination. 


The car in question is showing woodgrain on the dash and door panels. Woodgrain trim was exclusive to the Landau style. It was not an offering or available for the hardtop or convertible. While not exactly correct, it does look nice. 


Especially unusual on the car is that it is NOT decked out like a 'roadster'!  (tonneau cover, wire wheels and no skirts)

It is honestly presented as the convertible that it is.

Nice car

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When so many of today's cars are monotonous

grays, or black, or white--and little else--any

creative color is refreshing.  I like the coral and black

on this Thunderbird.


And the best thing is that the phone number is listed

here, so long after the ad expires and the optimistic

seller has given up, someone could call and offer a

realistic price.  Thanks, Fin Seeker!

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I also think the color is cool, but I just wouldn't want it on my car. It comes across to me as a conspicuous 1950's type car color on a conspicuously 1960's car. I'm wondering how that coral would look with a white (or off white) interior and top instead. Better than the black? Worse than the black? I'm thinking it would be better than the black, but it's hard to know until you see one. As to price, I also suspect it's probably a little high.


Oh, and by the way...I just noticed that this 1964 T-Bird has a 1965 grille on it. Interesting, considering the price. I have a '64 grille in my basement that I bought for my '65 because I had such a hard time finding the right grille (which I eventually found before I installed the incorrect grille.) It's not a completely interchangeable bolt-on part between years. Some mods need to made. Glad I found the right one before I got to that point.


This guy also has the inexpensive Hankook tires that I have on my car. The more I look at this car the more overpriced it seems.



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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible - Coral & Black "Stunner" - "Excellent condition" - Franklin, TN - Not Mine - 12/23 Reduced
  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1964 Thunderbird Convertible - Coral & Black "Stunner" - "Excellent condition" - Franklin, TN - Not Mine - 12/23 Reduced

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