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For Sale: 1955 Lincoln Capri - "Fine, super solid two-tone 50's Lincoln" - Fenton, MI - Not Mine - 12/20 SOLD!

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For sale on Facebook: 1955 Lincoln Capri 4-door Sedan in Fenton, MI  -  $10,000  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/303543461650109/1955-Lincoln-Capri


Seller's Description:

1955 Lincoln Capri 4-door Sedan

  • Driven 530,000 miles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Exterior color: Green · Interior color: White

I have a fine 1955 Lincoln Capri for sale . It has 53,241 original miles . Car is super solid and never had rust. It has a 341 V8 automatic.

  • Motor is freshly rebuilt, new brakes, new battery, new exhaust, new tires and new carpet. This car runs and goes down the road really smooth.

$10,000 O.B.O Thanks for looking!!

















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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1955 Lincoln Capri - "Fine, super solid two-tone 50's Lincoln" - Fenton, MI - Not Mine - 12/20 SOLD!

Proof once again that price moves a car.  This likely sold at around $8,500, but that is speculation on my part.  That seems to be a good buy.  So many times we see these priced at $19,000 and go what?  Then the seller, whether a dealer or an individual drops the price $3,000.  When I see that I know instantly to bypass that sale.  


In this case hopefully the dealer made a bit of money and we won't see the car "flipped".  We will hope it went to an appreciative family to enjoy the hobby. 

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