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1931 Chevrolet Special Sedan and 1923 Buick 23-45 Touring for sale

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Two beautifully restored classics that are part of an estate sale.



The Chevrolet does start and we were able to drive it in the building. Previously was awarded first prize in 2012 by AACA.


With the 1923 we have not attempted to start or drive but was driven in a parade in 2019


If you are local the vehicles are at our DC location, you can stop by and look at them.


Here are the links to the vehicles, if you have any questions please call directly and ask for Natalie, Jack or Reid.



DEI876445 side view.jpg

DEI876445 interior.jpg

DEI876445 rear view.jpg

DDC33589 side view.webp

DDC33589 interior.webp

DDC33589 rear view.jpg

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