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1923 Buick 23-45 Touring and 1931 for sale

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1 hour ago, dibarlaw said:

I see the 1923-45 is up to $7600. May make a nice looking driver. Soooo much cobbled on the car though. Nice touch with the wrist watch glued to the mustard colored dash.

The dash color matches the exterior. That photo just has some really bad lighting. The guy who owned it was a bit of a character. I miss him. I would have removed the watch from the dash before selling it, but apparently not much thought was put into the sale. It was a good reliable driving car for him. He went through that starter/generator a few times to make sure he got it just right. He could not lift it by himself, so I got the job of removal and reinstallation. Fun times! I learned a bit about Buicks of that era helping him with that car. 

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I see the 1923 Buick no longer shows up on the auction company website. Does anybody know how the 1923 Buick did on the second time through the auction? I am curious how it did and if anybody that I know ended up buying it. 

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