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What do you think of this “original “ Packard?


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A lot of people think "original" only means "like original" as in it doesn't have a 350 crate motor in it. Real original versus restored actually like original, as opposed to "it isn't a hotrod" is way beyond their comprehension level!

Most people quite frankly are not very smart. We in this hobby tend to associate with people really interested in learning and understanding, not just our cars, but the history that surrounded them! Most of our friends and associates also study things like philosophy and physics, and ancient history. We actually care about cultures other than our own, and not just for the political backings we think we can get from claiming to care!

MOST people do have the capacity to become smart, IF they are taught to become smart. But this country stopped teaching most people to become smart a few decades back. We are just beginning to reap those "rewards" now.


My apologies. I began to drift again.


I wouldn't mind having that Packard, if the price was right (and if I had the money to spare?). I would drive the bigeebies out of it! I would probably carry lumber lying across the seats home from the hardware store!

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