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WTB Convertible frame parts for 1954 Chrysler Windsor Convertible

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Looks like there was a previous break repair above the screw boss.  Also possibly lower down a weld that left some pits.  If so, the current break may have been stress from improper alignment of previous repairs.    Agree a "never-repaired" original would be best choice.

Failing that, a 3D printer can take your original from the other side of the car and create a mirror image part.   Since you have a convertible, it is probably worth the needed investment.   The repro would be stronger than the factory part.

And once the CAD design is done for the part more could be made.   So offering out reproductions to get others on board might be practical.   I've had the same area broken on other year Chryslers too.

Hope you get this resolved.   Worthy car!

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i have the same car. the frame, when broken like this as far as i know it is not possible to weld it. may not be any way to repair this break. i want to have a new top put on my car but i do not have any faith in the installers around here because if they break the frame like yours that would be real bad. nice to see another 54 windsor convertible owner as these are rare cars.     capt den

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