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1963 Oldsmobile 88 4 door hardtop - $5,000 - Not Mine

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  • B Jake Moran changed the title to 1963 Oldsmobile 88 4 door hardtop - $5,000 - Not Mine

Several years ago I bought one of these as a parts car for my 2 dr. ht. I think it was even the same two tone body and interior color. Super 88 just like this one, too...and I even got it from Illinois! What a coincidence. Still have some of the parts. Obviously, this is nicer than my parts car was...and probably nicer than my two door, as well.


BTW, if you buy one of these, make sure the rear bumper isn't rusted out - they're usually rotted and extremely hard to find. Great looking cars and the 394 is an awesome engine.

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