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Green's babbitt machining tool


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No luck with patent searches using the terms and names listed  on the machine or online publications from digital libraries


Maybe try Practical Machinist or OWWM

Home - Practical Machinist : Practical Machinist

Old Metalworking Machines - Old Woodworking Machines (owwm.org)


Good luck, and let us know what you find out. Very interesting piece.

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The attached link shows a similar machine on the Model T Forum.  Your machine is missing a nut to fit the threaded shaft between the two supports to give it "feed" to bore the connecting rod.  I would suggest that this nut would be in two halves for attaching to the threaded shaft and held so that it does not rotate.  Other than that it looks to be complete (except for a piece of tool steel).  The attached link shows this nut.

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Hi Terry, I also own a Green re-babbitting and boring jig. I will add some photos later. John Green and Sons started in Freeport, Il. they were later purchased by Simplicity Co. of Port Washington, Wi. Siplicity sold other forms of babbitting equipment. Simplicity I believe was later joined with a company in Connecticut called Waterbury. They also sold babbitting equipment and seemed to possibly be merged with Ammco, a company in Chicago, Il. called Automotive Machinery Manufacturing Company. Ammco had also purchased Hempy Cooper of Kansas City, Kansas. Hempy was an early company which made babbitting appliances, connecting rod boring attachments for lathes and many forms of babbitt pouring jigs for rods and cap bearings. Your machine looks like it is missing the fine thread feed nut which allows the fine feed to bore the bearings. I will attach pics if I can of Simplicity equipment if I can.

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