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For Sale: 1941 Oldsmobile 76 Coupe - $8,000 - Lansing, MI - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1941 Oldsmobile 76 Coupe - $8,000 - Lansing, MI 

1941 Oldsmobile Coupe - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

Pretty Rare Car. 6cyl. Runs n Drives. Super Solid car. No rust in floors, quarters, trunk, under doors….no rust anywhere.  Original Interior in pretty good shape. Some dings in the rear fenders but absolutely no rust. Needs Brakes. More pics available. $8000 or best offer. odometer: 57000
Contact:  Andy (517) two-two-4-six-3-3-3
Copy and paste in your email:  713ab49c20a63aa1af5e68defaf5ef8a@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1941 Oldsmobile 76 Coupe.

'41 Oldsmobile MI a.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile MI b.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile MI c.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile MI d.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile MI e.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile MI f.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile MI g.jpg

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I like it. The coupe is a cool body style and I can’t remember the last time I saw one.  I have seen some two and four door sedans on the market fairly recently.  I think the coupe looks like when you sketch a car going fast. The front ends on these are an acquired taste. 

I see three pedals so it doesn’t have the early auto trans. That can be good or bad depending on your perspective. Hopefully someone picks this up and gets it back on the road. I like George’s suggestion.  Just clean it up and use it. 

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This is actually a 76 series club sedan, not a coupe. It's missing the stone guards & rocker mouldings. Can't tell if it's a standard or deluxe, IF there is no rear seat center armrest it's a standard and there were 39,938 of them made. Also who takes pictures of a vehicle they're trying to sell without a single shot of the front of the car? Seller says it "runs n drives" but the clutch pedal is down on the floor. A badly weathered car with cracked body filler that needs brakes for $8K? Somewhat overhyped IMO. 

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I agree that the sedanette body styling is really awesome on these Oldsmobiles. I also agree that I wouldn't want a lot of cracked filler, but for some strange reason, I really like the patina look on this car, as in the weathered paint. I can't explain why....

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My garage is full and has been for a long time but if I were looking for something in the $8K or slightly higher price range I might be considering  one of the two sharp looking ready-to-enjoy right now 49 & 50 Dodge club coupes that showed up for sale on these Forums in the past week or so instead of this cosmetically-challenged club sedan that needs a lot of work. My initial thought was the prices of the Dodges was on the high side but they seem like real bargains compared to this 41 Olds (with its ancient tires). You will still be able to enjoy the flathead 6 experience (nothing wrong with that) and you'll be getting a LOT more bang for the buck. 

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I believe that this car is worth saving. This is the second year of the torpedo body style that GM introduced in 1940. The entire car was re designed in that year with much in common with the Buick, LaSalle and Pontiac. These were ahead of the curve from 1939 and driving and styling showed it. The car looks a little tired and is missing the gravel guards ( available aftermarket), but sure has potential. I would look to pay about 6K for this car. 

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