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37 1/2 ton headlight confusion.


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See pics of headlights that came with the 37 to my shop. In my mind that doesn't mean they are correct for the truck. Notice the raised portion that is crudely attached and molded to the bucket with filler. That doesn't seem right at all. Is it supposed to be a separate piece that adopts the bucket to the cast bracket? Are car headlights same as truck?  Thanks.   John

I also need a pair of the metal trim strips that extend from the cab floor upward  following the edge of the door opening near the dash and then curving. They hide the edge of the interior panelboard. 

And exterior door handles as shown.

And battery support brackets that attach to the frame under the cab floor. 



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Light bucket is not from a Truck. I believe that is a car bucket. You have the incorrect bucket. The correct bucket is exactly the inverse shape of the mounting base and absolutely smooth at the mounting location no raised area, just a large inverse shape of the mount.

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Agree with bucket info, good size, the added body filler is wrong. There is a part that goes there, it's  offered at DCM , I made my own16412360858194524796566662250918.jpg.88a2f930cb7d893577bcac7223545655.jpg


That is varnished black walnut, which a theme through the truck.






The battery tray is incomplete there should be metal connecting the two pieces. The handle looks different than mine but I find that doesn't mean much20210805_110604.jpg.e6b87fab4f92d1fc14fe26ee9c7b9f58.jpg

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59 minutes ago, johnworden1 said:

Thanks 'dude.  I like your floor hinge idea.

Now how is the headlight lens removed from the bucket?  John 

Put a soft surface below it in case you drop it.


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I would buy a complete bucket if necessary or an otherwise useless bucket.  

Removing the socket is tricky because they are thin brass and distort easily. I soak them with penetrant and tap them gently to free them. 

Look carefully for the metal retaining tab that has to be bent away from the socket before removal. 

Don't pry against the socket. 


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