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1949 Roadmaster sedanet parts model 76-S

Pete Phillips

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I have 320 straight eight engine parts and several pieces of exterior and interior stainless moldings. No, I do not have the long rear quarter panel moldings unless you want a severely bent and mangled one. The car is going to the salvage yard tomorrow. It is not restorable. Have a good hood (one from Roadmaster, one from Super), good trunk lid, good radiator, cylinder head (has not be checked for cracks), all headliner bows, valve cover, and the hang-on items for the 320 engine. All parts are used. Buyer pays postage or freight shipping from Bonham, Texas 75418. If you are afraid of high shipping prices, then you'd better come pick these up in person. Freight is expensive, plus my time in packing it, tying it to a pallet, hauling it 30 miles for a freight quote, etc.


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338





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