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1948 Olds "98" Trunk Hinge


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I have two 1948 Olds 98.  One I am going to take to a painter to get repainted.  It runs and is complete. The other is complete but picked it up from a wrecking yard before parts were removed. The engine has some compression problems, and have not been able to get it started.  It has a broken trunk lid hinge.  But doesn't seem like an easy task to repair.  Removing the piece from the lid is of course no problem.  But how in the devil does one remove the other hinge part within a cover that is held in place with a hinge pin. I tried to remove this pin by a couple different ways but was not successful.  I don't imagine anyone has tangled with this kind of problem before. Why the hinge got broken in the first place is kind of a mystery.  I want to get this other Olds at least a little more presentable to sell.  Can anyone help me??


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