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1926 Roadster Information

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Olds 442,

It has always been my understanding that the color options brought out in the mid to late production year for 1926 were only for the closed bodied cars. The open cars, as in your Runabout, remained Black. The colors offered for these closed cars were called, Channel Green and Windsor Maroon and these colors were very dark to almost appearing to be Black. The 1927 car models on the other hand, offered various color options with Black actually becoming a special ordered color that year.

Again, this is only what I have learned, so I would not want to mis lead you. You may want to study into this further if you are set on having a different color and be correct. Production ran from August 1925 to August 1926 for the 1926 model run.

Good luck with your restoration,


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Thanks Rick, I've been able to find out that "Gunmetal Blue" and"Phoenix Brown" were available in late 1926 on open cars. A friend of mine has a 1926 that is the Phoenix Brown color.My understanding is that the Gunmetal Blue is almost black but I haven't seen any.

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