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Let's See Your Christmas Vehicle/Light Display


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Either the '26 T Touring and '47 Dodge generally get a load of presents before Christmas. I made a bunch of new ones this year for the Dodge, as the old ones were looking pretty tattered. The Dodge is rarely garaged and most years a few go missing overnight. Not a big deal — they are mostly liquor store boxes wrapped in festive dollar store tablecloths and weighted down with garbage (this year it's demolition rubbish from a nearby infill). That whole load of Dodge presents cost less than $20 in wrapping supplies.


The Dodge may even qualify as a gas-electric hybrid... the dollar store Santa mascot has a photovoltaic panel and dances merrily away from dawn to dusk, even on cloudy days.


26T presents.jpg


47D presents.jpg


47D Santa.jpg


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We participated in the local Santa Parade this evening. I drove the 1928 Dodge. Great turn out. My wife ran the muppet “Pete”. He was a huge hit with the kids and adults alike.  Always a good time participating in the Santa Parade. We enjoy the experience and do jt each year. 








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3 hours ago, TAKerry said:

I have an old jeep, I had thought about pulling it out front and lighting it up, not sure the wife would like the idea though.

You just have to convince her that it was her idea in the first place

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I love decorating old vehicles, and I enjoy the challenge of ensuring the decorations leave no damage.  I haven’t gotten around to decorating my bus yet this year, so here’s last year.






And if you’ll allow an intrusion from the original EVs of America… I’ve done most of my best decorating on trolley cars.  Here’s past years’ greatest hits, didn’t get good photos of this year’s decorations.





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Some old Christmas card photos of our decorated Studebakers:



2002 card



2005 card



2007 card.  The grandchildren are now 24 and 16, and I'm, well,...



2008 card



2009 card



2011 card



2020 card


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Tomorrow should be a fun day here… it’s finally time to deck the Brill with lights and garland!


Had to fix two stubborn clearance lights first, but I have a plan…



…and a destination sign…





…and a storage tote full of holiday cheer.  More to come shortly!




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Finally, after a couple cold evenings, it’s done.  I think I’ve one-upped my previous best work!




I’m very happy with the garland Christmas tree hanging from the nose emblem, which now doubles as a tree topper!





Skip the silver greyhound on the side… get yourself a coach sporting a gold reindeer!



Have a BRILL-iant holiday season, everyone!





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I had  my wife talked into lighting up the Jeep (actually its a willys), but as per her it had to have a Santa in or around it in close proximity. She went on a search through marketplace and the cheapest she could find was one for about $100. Too much for me to spend on for that. If its still around next year I am def. going to get it set up.

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