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Bought a 53 Skylark Today


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54 minutes ago, 60FlatTop said:

I let myself be outbid on a 1953 Packard Caribbean yesterday. 1953 was a great year for convertibles.


I think you might’ve dodged a bullet. The best of the Caribbean’s was that blue 54, that seem to be complete. However they listed the engine has a 327, which maybe means that had the wrong one.

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I saw the blue one when I was in the building a few years ago. Matter of taste but the small wheel wells of the later one make it more "garden variety" to me.


Either way, under $4,000 would have bought  your choice. Never noticed any bullets at that level. I probably would have sold it for around $9,000 in two or three years looking way better and enjoyed the ownership mostly cleaning, lubing, and shining. I told my wife I haven't done that in about 4 years and since I am getting old I needed to.


As it stands the car lost its last chance. It will be flipped or parted. Most likely will be disassembled for the never to be completed $150,000 restoration job by a serious collector. In about ten years a nearly completed chassis will come up for sale and a paint stripped, partially primered body covered with body shop dust or surface rust from outside exposure. History repeats itself.


Louis did a good job in saving those cars in as found condition. There are a lot of happy people out there today due to his efforts and his resistance to start restoring all of them.


Me, I really did set aside a few thousand bucks at the close of the auction strictly to upgrade my existing stuff. If nothing else that was a positive outcome of my token bids.

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