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Early series 11 - 1925

Walt G

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The Bartlett-Orr Press in NY City was a major printer /publisher of sales material for many automobile companies. Most all of what they produced was printed on coated stock paper so clarity of the image 100 years later is as it was when new. A sales catalog printed in November 1925 and 15 pages  Form 230 was issued and given to customers. Artist renderings ( except for the cover that was a retouched photo to hi light a night scene) it promoted not only the new series 11 but "Styled by de Causse" . the artist that had total artist's control over the car design bumper to bumper ( not just the body styling) Here is the front and back covers of that sales piece.


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Indeed an interesting piece of literature. Bartlett-Orr the printer did just about the best work for advertising/promotional material in that era. Most of it was huge multi page catalogs ( the ones that salesman gave to the wealthy perspective customers not to the kids who wanted a brochure) Art departments and the commercial "Press" who produced these for a wide wide variety of products had visual presentations in mind that would perhaps make people who saw them think as well as remember what the subject was.

This is the only advertising piece I have seen for Franklin ( and most other pre WWII era vehicles) that featured a night scene.  Most were in bright , shiny, sunny , daylight "here we are" moments . And it was all artwork, not photo generated, all hand drawn and painted in opaque water color and some airbrush. The panel ( illustration board)  that the original art work was on had to be no smaller then 12 x 18 inches.

I have some original renderings of automobile art work from the 1920s ( among them the color rendering for the Lincoln model L Judkins "coaching brougham") and the detail ( all painted in) is incredible - even the pin stripe on the cars is there - had to use a 3 hair brush to get that in and a really steady hand.


Note the shadow of the wheel on the ground in the rear view of the sedan on the back page.


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On 11/22/2021 at 10:36 PM, John Bloom said:

That's a great piece Walt.  To all who haven't been to Tom Hubbard's Franklin Museum in Tucson........Put it on your radar.


While it has been some time, we enjoyed both visits to Tom Hubbard's Franklin Museum.

Our 1917 9-A Touring is one of the cars we would like to have back.

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