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Want To Buy - 1956 Buick Century 4-door Hardtop

Mike Emerson

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Looking for a turn-key 1956 Buick Century 4-door hardtop.


It would be great to have black/seminole red two-tone with correct upholstery... but that can be changed if the right car was available.


Attached photo is the paint scheme I would like to use if I can find the car.


Mike Emerson in Virginia


703-771-1500 ext. 213





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Mike, are you thinking of one specific example

which you've seen, and are hoping it is for sale?

It will be beautiful and interesting--if you find one.


By putting such strict requirements on your search,

you are eliminating more than 99% of the 1956 Buicks

that may come on the market.  Four-door hardtops

in the 1955-57 Buick lines aren't seen very often, 

because people restore more "desirable" 2-door

hardtops and convertibles.  And then, when dozens

of color combinations were possible for that model,

you specifically like red and black.  And then you

would want it in excellent condition, perhaps, and at

a realistic price.


If you're a little more flexible, quite amazingly there's a 

beautiful looking 1956 Roadmaster 4-door hardtop for

sale currently in 2-tone blue.  It is probably priced too

optimistically, but you could at least contact the seller,

talk to him, and be patient to see if the price comes down.

All the best to you in your search!  Here's the link:



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I appreciate your input! Our family owned Emerson and Orme Buick in Washington, D.C. (about 1915 to about 1961). My parents owned the '56 Century Riviera in this two-tone color scheme. I know it may be like finding teeth in a chicken = impossible, but I was hoping to find a turn-key that I could have repainted and reupholstered. I suppose I'm like a million other guys who want to own a car their parents owned or their first car (1966 Impala 327 for me). My father died in August and it would be a lot of fun to get a car like this to enjoy with my grandchildren.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 2.00.06 PM.png

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Great truck photo!

Shouldn't be too difficult to find a Model 63; I almost bought a nice (blue) original some time ago for $16K.

Maybe broaden your search a bit (and reduce your costs) by looking for one of any color that already has an upholstery color scheme you can live with. 

Good luck.

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