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ALcor Stutz Huckster Annapolis jeep


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Currently looking for more of my fathers builds. They are located from Maryland to Florida. Dating from 1970 to 1999 

All should have the oval ALcor emblem on the radiator shroud. 20211120_102602.jpg.ed83b6c6e076690c17cb83d87458bb79.jpg20211120_102602.jpg.ed83b6c6e076690c17cb83d87458bb79.jpg20211120_102602.jpg.ed83b6c6e076690c17cb83d87458bb79.jpg20211120_152849.jpg.3824ca3b19b159146bb8f31c4fe26171.jpg20211120_152849.jpg.3824ca3b19b159146bb8f31c4fe26171.jpg



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Trying to add photos and delete the duplicate (see edit history)
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