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1932 Buick headlight lens measurement


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They made unique len's for the Buicks.   Left side and right side.   Find out if somebody converted to 12 volt seal beams and try to buy them.   I have a 35-58 and I have a friend who converter to 6 volt seal beams.    So much better than the. originals.   So he had them off to the side.  I bought both sides to match mine.   I sent both of my reflecters out to replate them.   Eliminated the silver coating and the new stuff is like new.    With the original len's as spares and original's,  I should be good for another 50 years.   Now you can get  6 volt LED bulbs so you can get much better illumination.    Snyders  auto parts for model 'A' Fords have them in their catalog.      I got caught one evening after sundown  but they made a bright light to safely drive home..    the hardest is finding the glass len's.    Welcome to evening driving now the time changed...

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Paul might be able to help by measuring what he has on hand.

He has been very knowledgeable and helpful and he has many original and new parts (he makes new bronze parts and chromes them also).

Paul Rickman
(231) 357-3009


Parts list including head light lens - 



I cannot get to my 32-67 lenses at the moment, but if I can open up the headlight buckets I will take a measurement for you.

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