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Need help with some questions. About to buy a 1945 chevrolet AK pickup


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Hi guys. 

I was already active on this forum because of my buick from 1940. But the american cars still gets to me. Im looking at chevrolet AK. I was wondering if there is a nice website on this model or a guy here i can contact with some questions. 

thanks all

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You will find more help on the Stovebolt page, a website devoted to early GM trucks.


I have a ‘46 GMC truck and I buy and sell ‘41-‘46 Chevy and GMC parts. If you come to Hershey, you’ll find me in the Green Field at GAI 18-19, where several customers each year remark: “Do you know you’re the only vendor selling these parts?”


There are aftermarket suppliers for many mechanical parts; and just recently the rear pickup fenders are being reproduced. You can check out Jim Carter Truck parts and Chevy’s of the 40’s. (Carter’s website is painful but his printed catalog is an excellent resource)

Nice trucks. Most are being restored as hot rods but some are restored as originals. Good luck!

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