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Winther Fire Truck

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 A 1922 Winther pumper fire engine being tested in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The photo was sent to the customer to verify that the truck was built and was working. The truck was then painted and sent to the town of Logan in West Virginia.


The company had been founded by the Winther brothers in 1916, and supplied trucks to the US Navy during WW1. Winther built different styles of trucks in the 1 ton to 7 ton range that were used for a variety of purposes, till the business was sold in 1923.



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I assume they were built in Kenosha.  I am about 10 miles from there and on the harbor shot the buildings look familiar.  And my Mom’s family had folks living in Logan back on the 20’s and 30’s. I like seeing history I might have some connection to even if distantly.  The other truck pics are great. Thanks for the additions.

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