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'40 Special Cooling System Clean Out Update

Victor W

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Since I've been on a update post kick today here's another on my cooling system.


I have a '40 Special that I flushed the block on back this summer. I knocked the frost plugs out and scrubbed out the block really well (I thought).  I have another post with the details. 


As a double check on my work I ran a pantyhose toe on the upper radiator hose. I know there are nice filters but pantyhose are cheap especially when thieved from your wife's dresser. 


I checked it twice over the few past few hundred miles and both times I pulled a quarter sized wad of rusty junk out of my low buck coolant filter. Amazing how much junk built up over 81 years!20211112_161857.jpg.cc3ac69ac87658edf9250a284249971b.jpg


Thought it was a valuable follow up for others going through the same cooling issues. Filters really do help catch junk that would otherwise start plugging your radiator.

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