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New owner 1932 Buick

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Hi all, I am the proud new owner of a 1932 Buick Series 60. I have read most on the forum, and have learnt allot thanks to you guys. I am starting the restorations soon. Here is photos of what I have, will post as it progresses. It is going to be done in Dark Pearl Blue with white upholstery and blue carpet. Any comments even negative ones are welcome











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I prefer 1932 cars of any make, so I like that car.  It looks like an unfinished project that then sat a long time?  The original paint front fender condition means the car was in good condition before it was taken apart for restoration.  


Buick as well as others like Nash made so many different model sizes in 1932, so looking for the parts can be frustrating if you find a part, but it is for a different model size of 32 Buick.  Yours looks really complete from what I see so far.




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Welcome to this forum. Your Buick looks good nit only because it is 1932 model. My Buick is from the same year, 68C model. 

It can be challenging to continue  restoration after previous owner but I hope you are patient and  well determined. You will find help here. Keep your car as original as possible, please. There are not too many of them left. 

What is condition of the engine? 

Where do you live?


Przemek M.

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On 11/12/2021 at 10:43 AM, Casper Niemand said:

Thank you FJ car in very good condition was partly restored, all interior have to be done with some of the wood work as well. I am planing to fit a concertina roof as the plan is to rent out for special occasions. I also have a Peugeot 201 1934.

What is a concertina roof? Also if you plan on renting it out,I'm not sure Id go with white upholstery.Nice car!

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