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Very Early Automobile Gas Tanks/Cans? Oil tanks? Steam car? Or??? What are these besides really old?


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Here are two nearly identical tanks I got with a pile of very early car parts and memorabilia. They are small-about 12" long and 5" in diameter. They have attached bases so they don't roll around. They both have very well made removable brass caps, but, interestingly, there are no outlets anywhere. One has a glass sight gauge on one end, one does not. These are very early construction and are relatively heavy duty given their size. Maybe they are industrial and not automotive? Steam related somehow? Extra oil or gas tanks/cans? They are in great condition, appear to have original or very old paint, and one has some really nice gold highlights which are hard to see in the photo. The ends have a neat embossed design.


They would certainly look good as auxiliary oil tanks on the side of an early race car......




Thanks in advance.  motoringicons@hotmail.com or 734-730-4274






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The outlet for the tank is the inlet... fill the tank with kerosene and tip it over onto the kerosene stove. there is a plunger in the neck that will let the kerosene empty out into the stove's reservoir as needed.



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I need to find the pictures of it, but years ago I had a Neverout car and garage heater that used those tanks. It was basically a percolator where you attached a hose to a coolant drain and hooked the other end into the radiator neck, it’s exhaust was heat for the garage. Not too safe thinking of breathing the exhaust but it was dated 1904 if I’m remember correctly which was LONG BEFORE the age of litigation. I was selling a bunch of T parts in preparation of moving to NC from Maine, one guy asked about it and we made a deal but I might have a picture somewhere…


That google search was almost too easy, here’s an ad for the unit I had:


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