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Veterans Day


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Just wanted to say thank you to all the vets. Those that gave the ultimate sacrifice,  the way too many wounded warriors and all of our other brave men and women serving and have served our country so well. In the past ( pre COVID) I would try to go to the wall and talk to my fallen brothers from when I was serving. I really need to do that again in order to feel normal. Please take a minute to think about our vets. If you want to get a phenomenal high, pay for a drink or lunch for someone in uniform and watch the surprised expression on their face as they look around to see who did it. It’s really a great feeling you can feel over and over. 

dave s 

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Thank you Dave, you beat me to it. You have expressed beautifully what I feel also. So often the veterans are taken for granted , and so is life itself. To all the veterans reading this and on these Forums, my sincerest , best and highest regards for all you have done for us. God Bless.


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Just watched the Remembrance Day service from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. It included a flyover of their Lancaster bomber and a Dakota that dropped British paratroopers inland on D Day. They also interviewed a 98 year old general who flew recon missions over Normandy on the same day A few weeks later on his recon,he spotted a German staff car and called in it's position. Spitfire pilot Charlie Fox responded and attacked the Horch staff car, severely wounding General Erwin Rommel.


Dad served with RAF Bomber Command as a mid-upper gunner on a Lancaster. They were very busy around June 6. Here's an excerpt from his log book. Before dad retired, his boss asked me if he had a photo of his Lanc. I told him that taking photos on base could get you up on spying charges but yes ,he has one. The boss asked if he could possibly borrow it. Some weeks later, at dad's retirement party,he was presented with a very detailed painting of his Lancaster. It was one of his (now my) cherished possessions.


We will remember them.

Rommel Under Attack.jpg

E R Boland Flight Log Book June '44.jpg

Lancaster bomber KMB.JPG

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