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32 PB coupe with rumble seat looking for picture

jeff t

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I know this may be a long shot but does anyone have a picture of the wood for the back window on this 32. I need to make new wood and would like to see anything that someone may have, this is the roll up rear window. Thanks in advance Jeff

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2 hours ago, Russ Browning said:

Here you go Jeff, let me know if this helps, don't mind taking more if you need them. 1932 PB Rumble seat coupe









Pretty certain he is looking for a bare wood photo.

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Don't know if this will help, but here is a somewhat similar car (1931 DB DH6 business coupe) with wood around the window. Some of the wood in your car may have been close to this configuration. Then again, it may be completely different as your window goes down and this one does not.

Picture 28459.jpg

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