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I.D. a Dodge cap?

Huffs Stuff

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21 minutes ago, Huffs Stuff said:

Could someone that is familiar with Dodges identify what year this (what I'm amusing is a) gas cap and if it was made for a special model. Thanks



1937 Dodge Brothers horn button....

1937 DB horn button.webp

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53 minutes ago, Machinist_Bill said:

John you never cease to amaze me! Within 3 hours you not only identified it as a horn button but also included a photo! I'm guessing you have photos of every single Dodge part made from 1914 to the present!



I do have a ton of photos.

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After the 2014 DB Centennial gathering I sent John over some bits and bobs that I had no need for Amongst the bits was a Radiator Cap About 30 months later I received a message from John saying that he had tracked down the make of car that it came from He certainly is a Shirlock Holmes when it comes to cars and their parts


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Thank you sir, for solving my inquiry. I also thank you for the photo, it all makes sense after I see how it was used. I had found it in a box of old radiator and gas caps, mostly Fords. Liked the imagery that they put into the design and wanted to know its origin. Thanks again  

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