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WTB - 1971 Buick Skylark 2 door hardtop

Fred Deats

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Welcome to the forum, Fred!  Buick Skylarks from

the 1971 style are readily available.  However, you

may need patience to find one with a specific paint

color, a specific interior color, and a specific engine.

The vinyl roof of any car could be "painted" to get

the color you wish.


Finding one you like meeting only the paint criterion

is possible, though maybe only 5% or 10% of cars

were painted a specific shade of green.  Buick typically

offered 15 paint choices in any year for each model.


One may turn up next week;  or you might be searching

regularly for 5 years or more!  Is it right to assume that

you're trying to recreate a family memory with such specifics?


All the best to you in your search.




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Are you looking for a specific shade of green?

I got out my specific 1971 Buick paint-chip folder.

There are 4 greens in which a Skylark could have

been painted:


---Willowmist green, a light and subtle shade (Code K).

---Lime mist, a rather bright medium shade (Code H).

---Silver Fern, a light gray-green (Code Z).

---Verdemist green, a dark forest green (Code M).


Here is an image from the internet:



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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to WTB - 1971 Buick Skylark 2 door hardtop

Fred, if you want a response to your want-ad,

you should leave your telephone number.  Also,

tell where you are located--New England, New Mexico,

New Hebrides?  This forum reaches people worldwide.


And how far afield are you willing to go?  With such

a specific search, I would strongly suggest country-wide.

And in what condition do you want the car?  One example

may be very rough;  another might be "driver" condition

with some minor imperfections;  another might be

award-winning quality with almost nothing wrong.

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