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IHC high wheeler auto buggy 2cyl Heinze Magneto


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hard to find Magneto for 2 cyl IHC. kept in garage storage for generations. looks complete. no cracks breaks or welds. good mounting threads. asking $700 located Bangor PA 18013. can ship lower 48. buyer pays shipping. message me if your interested. thank you52D2F1C8-B8DF-4250-91B7-DC51B9891802.jpeg.5fde8ffd76bec89788fdca436f9f8c18.jpeg9560C4CE-FA94-4A87-97B0-7A899DE7064A.jpeg.7c288b0351995e7086dc4f8e252f0191.jpeg6377609B-6FDF-4C91-9BBE-867D9904808D.jpeg.b98accc1d7933f9af5a83308faa3f54d.jpeg3BC00A57-5DD6-4E78-BA61-59DBE3D5D376.jpeg.71ae12038dc5c2ddb76494a69aa1dd9e.jpegB37FA4CA-1A33-4C82-806A-E3504E2E7932.jpeg.b4182f3677a183f7514a07137cf607ef.jpegF9668515-793D-4BE0-981F-B81D30F817BC.jpeg.8d09b30dc81ccc97163d49587ccbee27.jpeg

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