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Edmunds 2 carb Nash head

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Edmunds parts just seem to find me!  I'm pretty good at identifying his intakes and heads, but I've never had a Nash 2 carb head before.  Edmunds made 2 of them.  One for the Nash Rambler 1946-52, and one for the Statesman 1950-52 (According to his 1952 catalog).  They may both be the same head, but they have different catalog numbers.  Typical of Edmunds equipment, it has  no part number or ID.  It measures 22 5/8" x 8 1/4".  Rambler or Statesman (Or both)?  I've just finished restoring it and I'd love to know.  Picture attached.  Thanks in advance.  Art

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I'll bet the two are the same. The Rambler and Statesman were the same engine design. I don't recall if the displacement was different. Maybe one version of the head had a smaller chamber. I doubt it though. It makes you wonder why the 1946-49 600 was left out. As far as I know those were more of the same engine design. Also, the Rambler did not exist from 1946-49.

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