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1934 Chrysler CA - $29,999


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Good grief.

Ads like this one just leave me scratching my head.  

Being out of country makes it tough enough to begin with but then, from the blurry pictures to the inaccuracies in the write up and no phone number, makes you wonder if the owner really wants to sell?


"all original and has never been restored"

(Except for the repaint, new upholstery, rebuilt engine, new tires, new brakes, fuel tank, windshield and added turn signals.)  :lol: 




This shot with the vacuum cleaner hanging out the door and trash on the driveway really helps to display the car's finer points. 





This 1934 Chrysler CA four door sedan is all original and has never been restored. The interior is in pristine condition, my feeling is that the seats have been recovered, quite some time ago, perhaps in the 50’s or early 60’s. It was painted approximately 65 years ago.

The car has had only five owners in its entire history. This car was always stored in a heated garage since new and has never been in an accident. The car belonged to its first owners in Sumner Washington from 1934 to 1962. The car was imported into Canada in 1976. I nearly purchased it in 1977 and spent the next 40 years chasing it down and buying it in 2017. It has 59,925 miles on it. The six cylinder engine has been re-built last year and has Done 1,000 miles since. The car runs and drives nice with a new set of Firestone wide white wall tires. The brakes were done with silicone brake fluid by the previous owner. It also has a brand new fuel tank, windshield, and I added turn signals.

The car comes with all the original documentation from the first owner to the current owner such as owner’s manual, service manuals, service records as well as hand written notes from the first owners wife telling the story on how the car was cared for.
I am located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada


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29 minutes ago, dodgebrother said:

He and the car and work done and his story are legit.


You must know the owner, is it health or new interest that puts the car up for sale? Chasing it for that many years and then selling it four years later is unusual. Hopefully it is not health.  

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Yes I do know him.

I am not sure what is up and I have sent him an email to find out.

The last I spoke with him he was happy and enjoying the car.

He just got the motor back in this past summer.

He was doing little stuff to make it perfect.

I am surprised he is selling.

Greg is a real decent guy.

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Good Grief is right!

I didn't realize I would create such a fuss.

This is legit, its all true. The expired E-bay ad led to my discovery of the car after 40 years! Message is, I should have bought it back then!

I robbed some of the text from it. How can I call it restored? Certainly a car that is 87 years old and was off the road for some 45 years needed a lot of attention to make it roadworthy again. I have gone to a lot of effort to do so.

It is put away right now so I used some old pictures for the ad. The LA area was suggested to me for good exposure.

Sorry to offend the cynics. One thing you got right is that I don't really want to sell it.  Unwanted news from the MD last April has prompted this.



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I guess this a good example of why we should refrain from getting too critical until the whole story is known.

Greg I hope you can find a good home for that wonderful car and your able to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion to your medical situation. 






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