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A couple of special Buicks at year 2000 Buick National Virginia.

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I found these  photos i took when i went to Buick  national in year 2000  Virginia ,i am sorry as i did not have Digital camera then , so the photos are  are not very good , but i remember  well  because these  two cars were fantastic

especially  that i had never seen these before.

First is the fantastic Buick Blackhawk special hand built by Buick ,and powered by 1970 455ci Buick type 111 V8,

I thick for memory was sold  about 2010 for over $500.000  at Barrett Jackson.

Second was the fabulous Buick Lacrosse concept built just before that meet, for memory it had voice recognition

for all switches  inside,,and had  a fastback  roof line .that also was removable,--photo of my wife and myself.

i am not sure what or of its wearabouts these days--- but  two incredible  historical Buicks.

Hope the GM staff member does not mind me showing  him in the second photo.

Thank you.---GM.





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