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For Sale: 1962 Ford Thunderbird - "Former California car with Spencer Tracy history" - Kirby, TX - Not Mine

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For sale on Craigslist: 1962 Ford Thunderbird Coupe in Kirby, TX  -  $20,000  -  Contact Dannie J Williams: 210 557 48 eight five


Link: https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/d/san-antonio-1962-thunderbird/7402641640.html


Seller's Description:

1962 Ford Thunderbird Coupe

  • condition: excellent
  • VIN: 2Y832Z143647
  • cylinders: 8 cylinders
  • transmission: automatic
  • odometer: 106,750
  • paint color: custom
  • title status: clean

For Sale is a 1962 Ford Thunderbird, Clear Blue Texas Title in my Name..California Car.. Celebrity Owned, Spencer Tracy bought it for his Daughter, Susie.. Comes with the Original Owners Manual.. Has a New rebuilt 390 engine with less than 750 on the rebuild.. New Updated AC with the 134R Freon..Blows Very Cold.. Original AM Radio that works. Power Brakes, Power Windows and Seats.. This car is pretty much Original so its not perfect but is in Great Condition.. NO Rust.. Runs and Drives Great... Has Antique Tags... Asking $20,000.00 or and Honest Offer... I'm 75 years old and decided it is time to downsize.. Have a 71 Chevy Nova for Sale Also, Asking $20,000.00 for it..RED w/Blk Interior Just sold a 51 Chevy 5 Window PU and 3 Rental Houses..


If you have to ask your wife to buy ASK HER before calling me.



















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Cool! I like Spencer's movies, generally speaking. A word of caution, though: if the celebrity connection is genuinely important to you, ask for documentation. A year or two ago either I or someone else posted a late '50's Mercury that Dan Blocker (Hoss on Bonanza) allegedly bought new for his parents (according to the seller.) Some of the chronology was a bit odd, though...and eventually the dealer took the Dan Blocker connection out of the ad. Not saying it wasn't true, or isn't true on this car, but it could be that some dealers might try to add another five grand + on the price with an indirect celebrity connection.

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One of these days these car are going to catch fire.  Twenty grand in this market seems lofty in my opinion.  I am not a fan of paying premium for celebrity cars especially when the celebrity is from a different era and no longer with us.

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Spencer Tracy bought it for his daughter which adds $0.00 to the value to most potential buyers.  Same with the useless information on selling rental property.  Put it on a lift and show the bottom of the car, that’s better information to a buyer.

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On the car itself, it is identical to one here in CT that was in a friend's family since new.  I had first shot when they decided to sell.  Two 3rd gen brothers had it but one prefers Mustangs, the other Harleys. 

Anyway, we had discussed it for years, I passed having 3 hobby cars at the time (4, maybe even 5 years now).  I believe it ultimately sold for around $8k.  What attracted me most was one family history and originality - paint, interior, etc.


Color has grown on me but I might have grabbed it if it were one of the more popular colors. 


I have not followed these extensively but my swag is it is maybe 30% too high, Spencer Tracy, daughter is an interesting side note but that is probably it.  Wires wheels are also a matter of taste and may or may not add value here.

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8 minutes ago, Gearheadengineer said:

“Who is Spencer Tracy?”


- Future buyer if you were to try selling it 5-10 years from now. 

Nice car. These do not bring that kind of money. 

Future buyer? How about now? He's been gone over 50 years and not everyone watches the TCM channel. The connection has pretty much zero value.

The line about the rental houses is a classic.

These are great cars, and I really like the look. I keep thinking these'll catch on and increase in value, but they haven't. 

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She's still around.  89 years old.

If I were the seller, and felt this celeb connection was important, I would contact her to confirm (or deny) the story of her father's purchase.  I agree, it doesn't really add value, but it's always nice to have a little interesting history attached to our cars.

Years ago I came across a 1965 Thunderbird Special Landau Edition that the seller advertised as once belonging to actor Robert Taylor.   I was interested in the car and curious about the back story.  Taylor's daughter lives here in SoCal so I contacted her.  Very pleasant and helpful but she was positive her father had never owned the car.

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