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Timing Mark Question 1940 356 CI Packard


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I'm somewhat perplexed with the results I arrived at yesterday. 

I installed the timing gears and chain yesterday. I made sure the marks were lined up After, indicating the #1 piston at zero TDC, I installed the harmonic balancer and indicator.

I was expecting to to be reading TDC, but instead it was reading 8 degrees BTDC.

Any thoughts?


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Believe the piston.


Re-check it and if it really is reading 8 BTDC with the piston at true TDC, you either have some wrong parts, or your balancer has slipped, assuming it is possible for that particular balancer to slip. It's a pretty common problem on some newer engines.


On the other hand if there is 8 degrees difference between where the chain marks align and true TDC, but the piston and the balancer do agree with each other about the location of TDC, that might or might not be a problem. I don't know.


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Thanks for the feedback............I believe it was operator error... After resetting the dial indicator , I found TDC was about .003 off.

This was enough to put the timing indicator back to 0 degrees mark .........I feel a lot better about it now.

Thanks all,

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