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1924 Stanley and Brooks parts


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I’m wondering if anyone knows a good place to advertise steam car parts, I have a couple trailer loads of parts we have dug out and would like to see them off to a good home.


I have a 1924 Stanley rolling chassis with a body on it and a new boiler. My grandfather  bought this car many years ago somewhere in the southern states and brought it home intending to restore it. He found more interesting projects and the car has sat in pieces since. The boiler is new, but has never been hooked up and still needs a cover. 
Also have most of the parts to make a Brooks steam car rolling chassis along with tons of extra parts. So far found 4 steam engines, 2 in nice condition, and 3 rear axels. There’s a Brooks frame, however I haven’t been able to find a serial number or plaque, and a second frame that I have not been able to identify which has been retrofitted with a Brooks axel and engine.

Apologies for the upside down picture


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Hi Mark and Tom,

I’m located in Port Elgin, ON. I’m putting this stuff up for my grandpa, we’ve been getting these parts together for a couple months, still a few things to find. He had told me $55k CAD for everything. Would be nice to see the Brooks parts go together if possible and the Stanley could go separate. Like I said, it would be nice too see them go to a good home.


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