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1981 International 1754 vent window weather stripping


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New here. I'm resto modding an 81 International Harvester 1754. I'm trying to source vent window weather stripping (472689C1 / 5-120-005746R and 472688C1 / 120-005746L). 5 Star International told me it's discontinued. Does someone out there have what I'm looking for or could you point me in a direction to possibly having a set made. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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I haven't inquired to them just yet about possibly making me a set, it will be extremely pricey for one off gaskets. What I'm hoping for is to come across someone who has a set of NOS gaskets laying around or they know a guy. International has a cult following just like every other brand and in that cult there are part hoarders. I'm hoping to get linked up with one of said hoarders and convince them to part with what I need. It's a long shot I know, but if I can't find a part hoarder then I'll more than likely convert the vent to a fixed window. I honestly don't really want to know what it's going to cost me to have a set of these gaskets made.

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To clear up any confusion I posted a picture of the truck I'm currently working on. I took this the day I bought it, it has since been stripped to a bare frame and built back from the ground up. 2 feet cut off the frame, I fabricated a custom pickup bed, the rockers/floor/cab sub frame/ body mounts and fire wall all replaced (all of these components I hand made as they too are discontinued), and I did a trans swap from manual to auto (AllisonMT643 that I built myself). I painted the truck and it's currently in final assembly, it's now hunter green and looks pretty darn good. This truck is not your average pickup, it's more inline with a 5 ton. Just picture water delivery or coke truck, that's this.

I seriously have my doubts steel rubber products has the seals for this but I sent them a detailed email with all the part numbers and the vin of the truck. I'll post here if they have it but I doubt it. International isn't even listed as a possible selection under any of their search categories on the website.

For reference to those in a similar situation to mine (not being able to locate weather stripping) I got a quote to have a one off set of the seals made. Sit down for this, the production of the die alone would be 15k. I didn't need to hear anything further after that.



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